Blue Flower



***** Wits with words. Have fun with bluffs. ***** 
Warning: only for eloquent, intelligent players ;) 

Flabbergast your friends and enemies with the art and science of Bluffology. Sophisticatorize your verbal expressions and profoundly perplexerize your teacher, your boss, and the pizza delivery guy. 

Press a button to impress. 
Spin the wheel and discover over 100 million combinations. 
The App randomly combines sophisticated words to create amusing, smart or impressive verbal "bluffs". Have fun with finding your own genius explanations and share them with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Bluff on your own or compete with others. 

Bluffology offers a generic euphoria acceleration without the usual administrative regulation compost. Using an exponential coexistence mentality and a coordinated feedback flatulence, you can achieve automatic argumentation reversibility. Enjoy.